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· 7 min read
Kay Plößer

Delivering a project on time usually means you need to leverage as much existing technology as possible. Every decision you make that leads to a custom implementation must consider that you also need to maintain your own solution. This is why open-source tools like Strapi are the way to go for building the REST API for your next project.

Strapi is a state-of-the-art headless CMS. It allows you to define your schema with a graphical interface, so even non-technical people can model data. Your development team can focus on building web and mobile apps and delivering new features without worrying about the backend implementation. After all, a big open-source community maintains Strapi.

· 2 min read
Mehmet Dogan

Since our initial release last year, Upstash was compatible with Redis® API up to version 5. Our Redis offering was lacking commands such as GETDEL, LMOVE, COPY and features such as ACL which were introduced in Redis 6 (and 6.2).

Happy to announce that Upstash Redis databases are now compatible with Redis commands up to version 6.2.

· 13 min read
Burak Yılmaz

Sometimes it is the best to create reminders for your annual events so that you don't forget and miss those special dates.

If you and your team/friends are using Slack, then it is a good idea that you automate these reminders via slackbots.

While doing so, if you want your slackbot to be a low maintenance one in that; it may be the best to use serverless technologies for concurrent interactions with the source, also enabling horizontal scalability.

· 3 min read
Burak Yılmaz

It has been some time since we released our very first version of Upstash Terraform Provider, which helped developers automate their Redis database management. Since then, we have worked on and advanced our products, even adding new ones to our arsenal!

Now, our provider v1.0.0 is publicly available in the terraform marketplace.