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Announcing Upstash Terraform Provider

· 2 min read
Noah Fischer

Announcing Upstash Terraform Provider#

We are thrilled to announce that now our Upstash Terraform Provider is publicly available. Our core principle is always being developer friendly. We have announced REST Api recently. Now it is time to expand our tools with the terraform provider plugin.

Terraform is a useful automation tool that lets you define your infrastructure as code. Collaboration becomes crazy easy in this way and every configuration change is persisted so everybody knows what is going on at the infrastructure.

After community requests, we have developed our terraform provider and now it is publicly available in the terraform marketplace.

If you want to use our plugin it is just 4 lines of configuration snipped and to create a database is very simple.

terraform {  required_providers {    upstash = {      source = "upstash/upstash"      version = "x.x.x"    }  }}
provider "upstash" {  email = "EMAIL"  api_key  = "API_KEY"}

You can get an API_KEY from the Upstash Console. Also EMAIL is the email you registered for Upstash. Now, we have defined our provider. Let’s create a database:

resource "upstash_database" "mydb" {  database_name = "mydb3"  region = "eu-west-1"  tls = "true"  multi_zone = "false"}

Now execute following commands:

terraform initterraform planterraform apply

This simple code snippet will create a database. You can find the full example code here.

Future Work#

We want to continue expanding our tools and 3rd party integrations. You can upvote our roadmap. Also we would appreciate it if you give us feedback on our terraform provider at twitter or discord. It is hosted at github.