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· 7 min read
Sönke Peters

When developing a website or web app, nobody wants to spend hours of their time just on speed optimization. The problem is that a fast website is incredibly important and performance is often a deciding factor for its success. Web frameworks like Remix Run were created with the goal of optimizing web performance while keeping their configuration to a minimum ("zero-config"). Nowadays, there are dozens of frameworks available, that help you achieve high speeds.

Unfortunately, the best website load times are of little use to us unless the databases of our apps are lightning fast as well.

· 8 min read
Gabriel Guy

As full stack web framework Remix provides APIs to deal with common web server use cases. This post will focus on sessions and why and how you can use Upstash to store them.

What is a session?

The Remix docs have a very good introduction to sessions

In a few words - sessions are a mechanism that allows the server and the client to share user data / state. Example of session uses are tracking user authentication state, shopping carts status, flash messages etc.

· 9 min read
Leigh Halliday

Remix is a new take on what it means to be a fullstack React framework, focusing on existing web standards and tying the frontend closely to the backend. This tight coupling is a breath of fresh air when you see how simple it is to load data into your React components or how to process data submitted from a form.

In this article we will see Remix's power by creating a simple Feature Flag management system using Upstash Redis as the database.