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Serverless Battleground - DynamoDB vs Firestore vs MongoDB vs Cassandra vs Redis vs FaunaDB

We built a sample application which compares the performance of leading serverless databases using a common web use case and serverless functions. The databases are DynamoDB, MongoDB (Atlas), Firestore, Cassandra (Datastax Astra), FaunaDB and Redis (Upstash)

Latency Comparison Among Serverless Databases: DynamoDB vs FaunaDB vs Upstash

Noah Fischer

Noah Fischer

DevRel @upstash

In this article, I will compare the latencies of three serverless databases DynamoDB, FaunaDB, Upstash (Redis) for a common web use case.

I created a sample news website and I am recording database related latency with each request to the website. Check the website and the source code.

I have inserted 7001 NY Times articles into each database. The articles are collected from New York Times Archive API(all articles of January 2021). I randomly scored each article. At each page request, I query top 10 articles under the World section from each database.