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· 5 min read
Enes Akar

In this post, we will create a waiting room for your Next.js application using Vercel Edge functions and Upstash Redis.

You can check the source code and the demo app.

Waiting Room?

The waiting room is useful when you want to limit the number of active visitors to your website so as not to overload your resources.

In our implementation, you will be able to set a maximum number of active visitors. There will two parameters to control the traffic:

  • Max website capacity: Max number of visitors in the website at the same time?
  • Max session timeout: Max number of seconds that a visitor can stay idle

· 5 min read
Enes Akar

In this post, we will write a simple application which will run on Fastly Compute@Edge. The application will access Upstash Redis to keep track of page views.


Edge Computing is one of the most exciting trends in recent years. CDN services like Cloudflare and Fastly started to enable users to run their applications on their edge infrastructure. This helps developers to build globally distributed, high performance applications.

· 5 min read
Enes Akar

We are thrilled to announce Upstash Kafka today. Upstash Kafka is the first Serverless Kafka offering. With a pay-per-request model, you can have a fully managed Kafka cluster without paying hundreds of dollars. With the free tier, you can create a Kafka cluster in seconds and without entering your credit card. The Upstash team takes care of availability, maintenance, scaling, upgrades and all the other tedious stuff while you focus on your app.

Why Kafka?

When we first launched our Redis service, it quickly became popular in the serverless community. More than 8,000 databases have been created since February. This number is much higher than we expected when we first launched Upstash. We continue to improve our Redis service. But we also realized how great is the need for data solutions that fit into the new serverless world.

· 13 min read
Krutie Patel

If you ever had to build an app that tracks the application usage, restrict resources utilisation or fetch data from the cache to increase app performance, then you would know that Redis is the answer to these requirements! Redis is in-memory, key-value database. It is open source and it stands for Remote Dictionary Server.

In this article, we are going to discuss Upstash, Redis database and the recent beta release of Vue SSR framework, Nuxt 3. This is a beginner friendly article that explores Redis database, where we will build basic app that tracks page-visits of a Nuxt app.

· 8 min read
Enes Akar

In this blog post, we will implement a waiting room page for your website.


High number of visitors on your website is a good thing generally but not always. Sudden high traffic may easily overwhelm your applications which may disrupt your services completely. Waiting room is a solution that helps you to control the traffic and protect your resources during traffic surges. Cloudflare Waiting Room is a good solution but it is only available for business and enterprise accounts. Don’t worry, in this blog we will build a waiting room for any type of web site using Cloudflare Workers and Upstash Redis.

· 3 min read
Enes Akar

What are Next.js Functions? Why are they important?

Today, the Vercel team announced the Next.js Edge functions. Edge functions allow developers to run their code at the servers distributed globally. This means your code will be executed at the location that is closest to your user. You can think of edge functions as the serverless functions which are run at the CDN infrastructure. Edge functions have the following advantages:

  • Global low latency: Because the code is replicated to many global locations (PoP: points of presence), a user anywhere in the world will experience low latency. Each client will fetch the response from the nearest server.
  • No cold start: Edge infrastructure providers use V8 Isolates which eliminates the cold starts. This means much faster startups.