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· 3 min read
Enes Akar

In this post, we will show how to push Stripe events to Apache Kafka using Upstash Webhook API. Once data is in Kafka there are many use cases how you can use it:

  • Processing payment events (with Apache Flink or Spark) to notify your business and sales team.
  • Trigger processes such as sending Slack messages or email if a payment fails.
  • Using a Kafka connector to move the data to a database or data warehouse to feed reporting and analytics applications.
  • Feeding new payment activity data to your CRM.

· 3 min read
Enes Akar

In this post, we will showcase how to send Github events to Kafka. We will use Vercel functions as a webhook to send events to Upstash Kafka.

You can send all types of repository events to Kafka. We will use Kafka as a persistent hub for our data thanks to its replication and durability capability. Storing Github events in Kafka opens possibilities for both streaming and batching use cases. You can replicate the events to a database for analytical purposes. At the same time, you can run real time processes to trigger alerts for your security team.

· 3 min read
Noah Fischer

Logstash is one of the most popular log shipping product that can collect logs from multiple sources and can ship to multiple targets.

In this blogpost, we will ship logs to Upstash Kafka using Logstash. Then we will make simple analysis with Cloudflare Workers. In order to keep the post simple we will ship some sample words from a file but you can ship any logs using Logstash using its input plugins.

· 3 min read
Enes Akar

Kafka is a messaging and stream processing platform with many use cases. In this post we will talk about the use cases most relevant to web applications.

Website Activity Tracking

You can track your user’s behaviour on your website using Kafka. You send all types of activities (clicks, searches, scrolls, form submissions) to different Kafka topics. Once you have all activity data in your Kafka, you can consume data to process it for real-time monitoring, real-time processing, and loading to a data warehouse for advanced analytics.

· 5 min read
Enes Akar

We are thrilled to announce Upstash Kafka today. Upstash Kafka is the first Serverless Kafka offering. With a pay-per-request model, you can have a fully managed Kafka cluster without paying hundreds of dollars. With the free tier, you can create a Kafka cluster in seconds and without entering your credit card. The Upstash team takes care of availability, maintenance, scaling, upgrades and all the other tedious stuff while you focus on your app.

Why Kafka?

When we first launched our Redis service, it quickly became popular in the serverless community. More than 8,000 databases have been created since February. This number is much higher than we expected when we first launched Upstash. We continue to improve our Redis service. But we also realized how great is the need for data solutions that fit into the new serverless world.