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GraphQL API for Serverless Redis

Noah Fischer

Noah Fischer

DevRel @upstash

We’re excited to announce Upstash now supports a GraphQL API for connecting to Serverless Redis. Now, you can connect to Upstash wherever you can send HTTP requests (including WebAssembly and mobile apps).

Until now, the only way to connect to your database was with the Redis protocol which requires TCP connection. GraphQL helps you with database connection limits especially in serverless environments. Further, using GraphQL enables Upstash to provide features and APIs that Redis doesn’t support natively.

The GraphQL API opens up new possibilities with Redis, but it does not replace the Redis protocol. Using Redis directly will have lower latency and allows you to leverage the existing ecosystem. However, we’re excited about the new opportunities GraphQL provides.


The GraphQL API retains the same pricing as connecting to Redis directly. Start free, then pay only for what you use with per-request pricing. You can use the GraphQL API as much as you need and you'll never pay more than $120/month for standard databases, guaranteed.

Try It Today#

Our initial release of the GraphQL API has parity with the Redis protocol except for: blocking commands, pub/sub, and transactions. You can view a full list of commands here or open the GraphQL Explorer inside the Upstash Console.

Try out the GraphQL API today and let us know your feedback on Twitter or Discord.